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tours, sightseeing tours, st thomas, st john, private tours
tours, sightseeing tours, st thomas, st john, private tours
tours, sightseeing tours, st thomas, st john, private tours
tours, sightseeing tours, st thomas, st john, private tours
tours, sightseeing tours, st thomas, st john, private tours
tours, sightseeing tours, st thomas, st john, private tours

sightseeing tours of st. thomas, st. john and st. croix

serenity warmly welcomes you to st. thomas. we love to show visitors our island paradise and the following island sightseeing tours were created with you in mind. staying for a week or just a day, we want to give you the opportunity to see and do as much or as little as you wish.

sightseeing island tour & historic synagogue

this two hour tour of st. thomas starts from your ship or hotel. your driver guide will introduce you to our wonderful island, regaling you with tales of columbus and the indians, plantation days and slavery, swashbuckling pirates and everyday life on the islands. visit st. thomas' historic synagogue, america's oldest synagogue in continuous use. see panoramic views from the heights of mountain top. stop at drake's seat to view magen's bay with it's world famous heart-shape beach, which was rated one of the top ten beaches in the world by national geographic.

sightseeing tour with historic synagogue
fire & ice sightseeing tour with shopping
sightseeing tour & magic ice
this is the perfect tour for those who want to experience both the natural wonders of st. thomas and  that renowned duty free shopping you heard about. diamonds & pearls, rubies & sapphires, gemstones, gold jewelry, cameras, linens, perfume, a veritable aladdin's cave of treasures awaits you. a visit to the magic ice gallery adds another glittering gem to the tour. enjoy this fun ice & snow sculpture gallery, bundled up in warm capes, gloves & leggings - a winter wonderland in the caribbean! after that warm up again on the way to visit mountain top with it's spectacular views and then some time for shopping.

a taste of the virgin islands tour
st. thomas sightseeing tour & magen's bay
who says you can't have it all! short on time and want to make the most out of your day while on st. thomas. this 5.5 hour tour combines our wonderful island tour, a visit to mountain top, a few hours of excellent duty free shopping and top it all off with a refreshing swim and a roti lunch at the beach. roti is a wonderful local "wrap", not to be missed. you will have 1.5 hours to relax and enjoy the tropical paradise of magen's bay beach with it's dazzling white sand, clear aquamarine waters & palm trees.

sightseeing tour with coral world

time to relax! take a tour that brings you to a tranquil location with marine life, birds, nature trails and a tropical beach. at a leisurely pace enjoy coral world marine park & underwater observatory with it's stunning array of exotic local fish and sea life. stroll through the park, touch a shark or a starfish, walk quite trails and visit the bird santuary. have a snack or drink in the shade of gently swaying palmtrees. after coral world take some time to swim & snorkel on beautiful coki point beach. great fun for young and the young at heart.

sightseeing tour& coral world

st. thomas & trunk bay, st. john tour

trunk bay, st. john
serenity offers this unique oppertunity to visit two of the most beutiful islands in the caribbean in one day. start on st. thomas with our island sightseeing tour and then take the ferry to st. john. visit trunk bay the jewel of the national park. explore the wonders of a tropical marine sanctuary - snorkel the underwater trail in crystal clear waters, see a kalidoscope of colorful fish, coral reefs and other sealife. relax on the white sandy beach, stroll along the waters edge, take a snooze in the shade of the palm trees. a perfect day in paradise. (there are shower & changing facilities, snorkel rental & a snack bar at the beach.

st. croix tour

ft. christansvern, st. croix
serenity invites you to explore the beauty of st. croix, from it's wealth of wonderful danish caribbean architecture to panoramic tropical vistas. st. croix was the first of the virgin islands "found" by christopher columbus and the only one he set foot on, landing at salt river in 1493. visit a beautifully preserved greathouse, a reminder of the heyday of the sugar plantations, and numerous historical buildings from the days when st. croix was the capital of the virgin islands, then the danish west indies. try some local tradition & flavor - rum! is still produced today at the famous cruzan rum distillery. did you know, the most eastern point of the united states can be found at point udall on st. croix? there's so much to see on st. croix and it's history is as colorful and varied as the landscape.

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